Royal Belgian Bullys


Royal Belgian Bullys is our passion! We show our dogs at ABKC & EBKC shows. We strive to breed to the breed standard. An american bully has to be correct and functional! With a character as a friend of the whole family!


We show our dogs at ABKC and EBKC shows all over Europe.

health testing

We test our dogs on Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and even test our stud dogs on Semen Quality.

Breeder Support

We will allways be there for you! You can ask us anything and anytime!

best bloodlines

We aim to combine the best bloodlines available to get the best offsprings.

Combining the best bloodlines

We have immersed ourselves in the bloodlines of the american bully pocket and standard. In addition, we have studied behavior and did further research. In the beginning we had no intention of running shows and we only wanted to produce beautiful puppies. But after looking shows a few times, we decided to try it too! In the meantime we had already bought 2 dogs and our Hazel had a litter with Ch Kali Muscle, from which our male RBB’S DARK FATHER has come.